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Cantilever Music is a full-service music production studio specializing in custom commercial and long-form composition and scoring for film, television and multimedia. The soundscapes and structures used employ a mix of electro-acoustical, classic and genre bending composition combined with digital soundscape techniques. Cantilever also offers sound design, sound correction and sound editing. Cantilever Music strives to produce not only bespoke music- but also an unforgettable experience for the clients. From conception to final mastered project, Cantilever Music can be there for you. Every step of the way.

Music Production

360 Spatial Audio (Headphones Suggested)

Animation Soundtrack and Foley

Audio Correction and Editing

who is cantilever music?

Lon Kaiser


Lon Kaiser is a veteran Music Producer, Pianist, Performer and Music Editor in Brooklyn, NY. His composer credits include work for MailChimp, Hewlett Packard, ETH Zurich/NYC Tech Festival, Future of Storytelling Summit (Google), MTV, IFC, BRAVO, UNICEF Ad Campaigns, in-house composition for Victoria’s Secret. He is an avid reader of hard science fiction, loves to discuss topics like astrobiology and was too tall to qualify for the Mars Lander Habitats. Of course now that he has a lovely daughter it may likely be her going to Mars.

What is in the Cantilever Music deliverable?

No matter the content, my final product should make your job as easy as can be. Also, I believe that music should be as flexible as possible taking into account your project and it’s changing needs. Are you extending an edit? Are you cutting out a scene? Did the producer just demand a last minute change that massively alters the structure in the 11th hour? That’s where my delivery method comes in handy!

My final delivery will include where appropriate:

    • your final composite track arrives digitally labeled with regions and point labels
    • clearly defined and delineated music stems
    • any atmospheric or sound design elements as additional stems
    • any regional elements or incidental musical sections rendered as loops for seamless editing
    • careful attention to mastering levels in accordance to LUFS guidelines for Broadcast, Web-Based and Mobile Media.


    • Music Concept.
    • Custom Composition.
    • Music score preparation for recordings.
    • Music Production.
    • Mixing and Final Master.
    • Midi Mock-ups.
    • Full production, ultra-realistic MIDI based orchestration.
    • MIDI based orchestration in conjunction with live musicians.
    • Standing relationships with top NYC musicians.


    • Ableton Live
    • Avid Protools
    • Avid Sibelius
    • Harrison Mixbus
    • Logic Pro
    • MOTU Digital Performer
    • UAD Powered Plugins
    • Izotope Music Production Software
    • East West Libraries
    • Vienna Symphonic Libraries



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